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  • Aimpoint Micro H-1, 4 MOA without Mount
  • Aimpoint Micro H-1, 4 MOA without Mount

Aimpoint Micro H-1, 4 MOA without Mount

Product Code: AIM12526

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Price: $570.00



Easy to carry and fast to aim

Small enough to be used anywhere you could put iron sights, this sight can be used on any type of firearm or archery equipment:

  • A lightweight rifle with an H-1 Micro mounted on it remains a lightweight rifle!
  • A hunting revolver with an H-1 Micro installed remains as easy to carry as with iron sights and is much faster to aim.
  • On a bow, the parallax free H-1 Micro eliminates the need for a peep, allowing you to shoot accurately in lower light.

Unique features of the Micro H-1

  • Lightweight – 84 g without mount and 105 g with mount
  • Integral Weaver-style base allows easy attachment
  • ACET technology allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery
  • 4 MOA (minutes of angle)
  • Fully waterproof
  • Patent pending mount is keyed to the sight body to absorb recoil
  • Precision adjustment for windage and elevation: top of protective caps fits into holes on adjustment screws – no other tool required
  • 12 settings for use in daylight and low light conditions

Standard features for all Aimpoint® sights

  • Unlimited field of view
  • Parallax-free and unlimited eye relief
  • Unaffected by extreme weather conditions
  • Rugged, durable construction
  • No hazardous materials
  • No laser emission that could be harmful to your eyes
  • Mechanical switch for speed and reliability
  • Increased aiming confidence



62mm, (2.4”)

Width/height sight only

41 x 36mm, (1.6” x 1.4”)

Width/height including mount

62 x 41mm, (2.4”x 1.6”)

Weight sight only

84g, (3.0oz)

Weight sight with integrated mount

105g, (3.7oz)


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